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I don’t think I have been quite alive in years. It felt so much like I was back in school and had so much assignment to do every day. No time to sit watching TV. I read the whole New testament of the bible in 6 weeks, a feat I always thought was unachievable. I learnt journalling and I have kept at it and for once I realized that I can write, possibly better than I speak. ps: Don’t be surprised when you start seeing my blogs, LOL. The Holy spirit started talking to me again, after I had shut Him out for so long. My dream life, a story for another day. Suddenly, those dreams I thought were rubbish are ringing in my ears daily. God is showing me new revelations because I am more interested in what He had been saying to me before now. Praying in tongues for hours, wow. The first day I could barely complete 30mins. Now, I join prayers for hours in tongues. I have learnt to wake early to pray. And I won’t forget to mention, meditation. That works keeps ringing in my ears even till now. Meditating in God’s words and realizing my identity in Him. I knew God’s words but I didn’t realize how true it is and so easy to believe.
Yemisi Vese You sure are a blessing. My heart blesses you.
If you have the opportunity to be mentored by this rare gem, do not hesitate. I mean it. My life has not remained the same since I walked the discipleship class with her. Love you sis.
Titilayo Kayode-AlabiPaediatrician
I have been saved since 1990 but attending “Downloading Heaven” created an awesome awakening in me with a renewed reinvigorated passion for walking in the spirit and enforcing the will of God in my life everyday.
Honestly, Downloading Heaven reawakened in me the desire to live and walk in the spirit and deliberately laying aside the weight and sin that held me back. Life has not been the same again. You know, my conscience came alive again!
Uzoechina MolokwuBanker
The discipleship class was for 6 weeks and from the introductory session/first module on my Identity my perspective had changed of who I was which was a very important foundation. If I didn’t know who I was, I wasn’t going to value or accept all that was going to be imparted to me and my relationship with God would be affected.
In those 6 weeks my spiritual capacity grew everyday. I saw myself gravitating to God’s word and latching onto it dearly. I got to know how much I needed it and feed on it. My mind was renewed constantly day by day. I realised that Sin, fear, sickness and all that came with the devil has no hold on or place in me.
I got to love prayer and hunger for praying. That is a testimony in itself. Now, I look for prayer gatherings. I’ve seen God work through my prayers and cannot even joke with it.
Lisa OmoragbonMedical Student

  • Are you struggling with maintaining consistency in spiritual disciplines of prayer, bible study, fellowship and fasting?
  • Are you hungry for more of God?
  • Do you desire that the truths you read about in the Bible become your daily reality?
  • Do you think you are called into ministry and you have no idea where to start?
  • Are you confused about your purpose in God and what exactly you are to do as a believer?
  • Do you need guidance for a more rapid and consistent growth in the things of the spirit?

If you said YES to any of these questions, then these mentoring programs are for you!

Mentoring with Yemisi Vese

The Group Mentoring Program is  organised by Yemisi Vese of  Gracesofull Learning Hub to raise men and women confident in their identity and with minds aligned with the mind of Christ; walking in purpose and ready to enforce the agenda of the kingdom of God on the earth.

It is an intensive 6-week program that will transform your mind.

The program opens every quarter with sessions commencing in January, April, July and September

What You’ll Get:

  • 6 weekly group sessions lasting for a minimum of 90 minutes each
  • Weekly topic focus with assignments
  • Daily spiritual disciplines feedback
  • Audio lessons
  • Access to direct one-on-one feedback from mentor***
  • Building a community with other growth-minded believers

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The weekly sessions are designed to help you in:

  • Developing consistency in spiritual disciplines; creating consistent spiritual habits for maturity
  • Incorporating the kingdom first mindset for transformation
  • Understanding the principle of abundant life; prosperity, peace, health, financial blessings, etc
  • Being naturally supernatural; understanding that supernatural living is our normal habitat
  • Identifying and dealing with limiting beliefs keeping us from the manifestation of the fullness of God in our lives

Group Mentoring

₦ 50,000

  • 6 weekly group sessions lasting for a minimum of 90 minutes each
  • Weekly topic focus with assignments
  • Daily spiritual disciplines feedback
  • Audio lessons
  • Access to direct one-on-one feedback from mentor
  • Building a community with other growth-minded believers

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One-on-one Mentoring

₦ 300,000

  • Access to everything in group mentoring sessions PLUS
  • 3 months tenor
  • 6 Weekly one-on-one sessions with Yemisi (in addition to the group sessions)
  • Continuous monthly check up sessions for 3 months after official end of program
  • Bonus: Ministerial training from a senior minister of the gospel
  • Free copy of book authored by Yemisi
  • Sessions are personalised due to limited number of participants

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***Open to 5 people only


Most frequent questions and answers

Where will the sessions hold?
Online, mainly Zoom and discussions would happen on Slack
When will the sessions start?

July 2020

How much does it cost?

Group:  ₦50,000/US$125

One-On-One:  ₦300,000/US$750

Can I pay in installments?

There are no installment plans available for the group programs. Installments can be discussed for the one-on-one sessions on an individual basis.

Can I process a refund?
Refunds are not available for this program right now. Please be sure before making payment.