It does NOT define you

Everyday, I meet people who keep referring to the wrong things(sins) they have done in the past and they live under a strong weight of guilt and condemnation. The burden of what they carry is evident in how they live their lives as believers. No joy. Fear. Limited breakthroughs.

I have great news for you. You have a right to everything God promised and your past sin is no longer His problem. I know you are born-again but too many times, many still continue to confess the same sin over and over again. Guilt and condemnation is a big lie of the devil! You’re asking, how does she know this?

“God did not send his Son into the world to judge and condemn the world, but to be its Savior and rescue it!”
John 3:17 TPT

“So now the case is closed. There remains no accusing voice of condemnation against those who are joined in life-union with Jesus, the Anointed One.”
Romans 8:1 TPT

I declare freedom over your life today! You are a son of God with full rights to approach God and ask for fulfilment of all the promises He has made concerning you.
Stop thinking you are not worthy!
Stop feeling like God does not want to answer your prayers!
Reject the nagging thought that is telling you that God has left you!
Stop thinking you have to beg God!
He keeps His word and will honour it in your life when you ask!
Ask boldly! The blood of Jesus has made it possible.

Remember this, God gave us Jesus as a permanent solution to sin and as a fulfilment of everything He has ever promised to you. Stop allowing the devil cheat you of this!

“For God has proved his love by giving us his greatest treasure, the gift of his Son. And since God freely offered him up as the sacrifice for us all, he certainly won’t withhold from us anything else he has to give.”
Romans 8:32 TPT

“Farther than from a sunrise to a sunset— that’s how far you’ve removed our guilt from us. The same way a loving father feels toward his children— that’s but a sample of your tender feelings toward us, your beloved children, who live in awe of you.”
Psalms 103:12-13 TPT

God is not in a bad mood and He isn’t punishing you out of anger. He is good and Jesus already paid the price. Enjoy the Father’s love and stop the fear!

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