Downloading Heaven

Downloading Heaven

A 6-week discipleship course on hearing God, knowing your full identity in Christ, executing the will of God and walking as a son of God on the earth!

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I have had an interesting life with God

I gave my life to Christ at age 14 but I went through 15 years of running from and coming back to God. The devil used my backsliding as a wide open door to play with my life. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. I was destroying myself and walking away from everything God had planned for me. It was a choice I made and oh boy, did I reap the reward abundantly!
My backsliding ended in 2011 and I wish I could tell you the devil left me alone, he didn’t; but there was a difference now. I was no longer his pawn but I didn’t know this immediately.

A progressive journey of learning about God’s blueprint for my life began and I learnt a few things:


Heaven’s plans for me were completely different from my own plans for myself (Jer 29:11)


I was an overcomer who didn’t know I was and thus didn’t live out my identity.


My words carry unbelievable power and I used it to fight my husband, instead of establishing God’s will on the earth.

Heaven’s will done and heard on earth

God is asking me to set up a discipleship training to prevent other believers from going through the same pitfalls I did and to show them the way to living consistently as an overcomer.

Length Of The Course: 6 Weeks
Class Starts:  April 11, 2020
Class Ends: May 23, 2020

Live Webinars

Audio Lessons

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What people are saying….

Yemisi Vese is a child of God & teacher of God’s Word. I have learnt from her that if it isn’t the Word of God, then it isn’t the truth. She has the grace on her life to shift your mindset from the normal to the supernatural through the word of God, if you want to learn and live in truth then you need to open up your mind to receive the truth.
Titi Ogunleye
Coach & Business Process Consultant
Over the years I have learnt from Yemisi Vese that the Word of God is true and transforms us into who God designed us to be.
Olamide Adeyemi
Web Designer & Developer

About the Instructor

Yemisi is a prophetic teacher of the gospel with the grace to teach the Word of God in a simple and relatable manner.

She is called to teaching and discipling the nations while running her family and businesses. Her story is that of grace personified and Jesus glorified always. She is married and blessed with three children.

What You’ll Learn

Who you are now (Identity in Christ)

  • What Jesus gave you – redemption
  • Who God calls you – Righteousness in Christ
  • Your role in identity – Sonship
  • Your rights and actions – As He is, so are you

Who God is – The attributes of Christ

  • Our Heavenly Father
  • The goodness of God
  • Jesus, the image of God.
  • God in the Old Testament vs New Testament

Hearing God

  • Why you should hear Him
  • Hearing through His Word
  • The Habakkuk formula
  • Signs, visions and dreams
  • Hindrances to hearing and the role of obedience


  • By the Word
  • By His Presence
  • Think on these things – victorious mindsets

The Kingdom Agenda

  • Whose agenda is important
  • Evangelism – winning souls
  • Lifestyle or role-playing
  • Becoming kingdom-minded

Prayers & Activations

Bonus Classses included

  • Bonus 1 – Dream interpretation
  • Bonus 2: Introduction to the prophetic lifestyle
  • Bonus 3: The lifestyle of an intercessor
  • Bonus 4: Journalling – Process, value and benefits
  • Bonus 5: Healing the sick

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